PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor App Reviews

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i got it for the nipple coverage

but its uses are vast

Simply the best

Theres no app like this one. Period. Its got everything you need in one app. No other app comes close to pics art and pics art community. I hope the interface stays fresh and more features and options become available


For some reason my app will not load up. Ill press on it, it pops up then goes back to my main screen. Idk what going on, but I do love this app. Please fix soon.

This is AWESOME!

This app is amazing I love it so much there are no ads and its free! You can make in app purchases but they dont push it on you with advertisements! I love this so much. Lots of people love it and i do too!

Great app

This app is everything an editing app should be


I love this app. I use it everytime I have a cool idea to do for my friend


One of the most creative and productive app !

Thus app is great and i live it

I love this app cause when i font har internet i can still edit a pic and i loe hoe u can edit your face prefrences. You an make yourself tanner or your teeth whiter, etc. ITS GREAT AND U SHOULD GET THIS APP!!!


Its perfect.


Ive had this app for a couple years now and I still find new techniques every time I use this. This is my go to app. !!!!

Great app!

I use it all the time and Ive created some really cute designs!


One word. AMAZING! The best I have found in the last 3 years!! It does everything and is so easy to use!!!

Great app!

Great app to do such edits used it with my windows phone but a lot better on the iphone


Its the only photo-editing app that doesnt make you pay to get most of its features. Al in all, its am absolutely amazing app and I am in love with it.

Awesome !!

Love this app so much

Its great... BUT

I love the picsart app, and I always have. The ability to precisely photoshop pictures is my favorite feature, and it works great with text and filters, too. But with the most recent update, I run into a problem Ive never had before... when I lock my phone while editing a picture, the app is back on its homescreen and the picture didnt save. I was editing a picture for around thirty minutes, and I locked my phone so I could go to the restroom. I came back, unlocked my phone, and all that work was gone. Im honestly very confused. I didnt have this problem before, even on my kindle fire hd (which is saying something considering the amazon AppStore is horrible and amazon devices arent great either). I really wish I could take a break from picture editing, but it looks like Ill have to get to a point where I can save the picture and start where I left off.

Really great

It has a lot to offer and its really easy to use. I love it.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I L❤️VE this app! Super fun for the artsy type! Possibilities are endless!


Ive tried several photo editing apps and this is my favorite! My go to app.

Love this app

Perfect for all photo edits. A wide range of options.

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